Australian businesses should not underestimate the opportunities in Asia for their business - especially those who are looking for sustainable growth and increased revenue streams.

Expanding your business across borders may be easier than you think. Consider a range of banking options - capital and trade requirements may not be as complex as anticipated and ROI may be very achievable in a timely manner.

Do your due diligence on market and country selection and also market entry strategies - seek advice from a range of government agencies, industry bodies and financiers with the experience and 'know how'.

Start networking now. Investigate numerous eCommerce platforms and business forums to make valuable connections.

Speak to experts around currency exchange volatility and the risks it presents for your business.

Understand the benefits that FTAs can provide. There is a wealth of information available especially from bodies such as the Export Council of Australia. Visit

Challenge your financier around how they can assist and support you throughout your Asian journey.